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Orwell's Nineteen Sixty-Seven by OneHellofaBird Orwell's Nineteen Sixty-Seven by OneHellofaBird
I just can't leave well enough alone, can I? Here's a prequel to Orwell's world of 1984, based on SpanishSpy's staggering thread. Here's late 1967 as Tokyo-Beijing destabilizes everything by getting all three intermediary powers to turn on their respective patrons. Atlantica I gave to Darlan as the figurehead, Salan, Aussaresses, Papon, and Laval rather than de Gaulle, who seems much too--sane--for this universe (and wouldn't go for the collective leadership Orwell's bureaucracy-states demand). As in OTL they particularly instructed Latin Oceanian officers. Afrasia (thanks again, kingbaldrick) happens to call for secular pan-Arabism in all the lands of Islam, uses the Abbasid provinces, and considers it shirk to assign partners to the never-seen "al-'Akh al-Akbar" Sadat or His Identical, Indivisible, and Matchless Hypostases Hussein (or Qaddafi) and al-Assad. On the map it's just attacked the Caucasus and Central Asia; the Dardanelles had been under "fraternal protection" by Eurasia well before Tokyo convinced Mecca to attack its former ally. Ethiopia is the Eastafrican power under Haile Selassie, Andom, and Graziani, but hasn't yet become a decisive fulcrum; it's Eastasia's only toehold in Africa up till now. Southasia is Eastasia's firmest friend under, uh, Mohan Singh, Menon, and Aung San, I guess; the Eastasia-colored rebels are the Neo-Thuggees who don't think Delhi is going far enough in imitating China's Self-Shunyata.

Eurasia has funded insurgencies across Latin America, Central Africa, and in southern Asia. Oceania has only managed Tibetan and Afghan risings so far, instead raising local forces against the Latin and African "Russkies." Eastasia had decided to soften up the two superpowers by getting the lessers to attack them, but its massive Chinese forces have stalled outside central Siberia's cities and it can't even crack Ferghana and the Pamirs. Japanese, Chinese, Indonesians, Indians, and French took much of Oceania's Pacific, but Alaska, Hawaii, and Australia are throwing back the invaders already. Oceania has already crushed Bombay, Delhi, Ceylon, Kerala, and the Punjab, is beating the French out of Waalvis Bay, and is pulling out of Eurasian Brittany and Norway. Once they crush Afrasia the Eurasians will fight their way through Westafrica until they meet up with the Oceanians in Lagos (and restart their own fight). Afrasia's own pseudo-socialist death cults will start fighting Eurasia real soon, though! (they're that dark-blue blob by Fallujah, since Oceania will be their upcoming pro-Afrasian patron after Mecca falls to the dastard Eurasian). Arcand gets decapitated at the Place-d'Armes once Atlantica turns on Oceania, and Yockey gets sent to cut Amazonian superhighways once the Eurasian alliance sours.
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grisador Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015
RvBOMally Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015
Excellent work.
stevecali90 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there, Sinclair, good map you've put up. =)
well, it's not my scenario--I just added plausible leaders, alliances, and boundaries (but I am worried about my trend towards making *worse* versions of 1984)
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July 26, 2014
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