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Orwell's World: 1984 map by OneHellofaBird Orwell's World: 1984 map by OneHellofaBird
My humble redo of this map made for this equally awe-inspiring thread.

Some of Oceania's states have been consolidated since they're too small for a superstate to bother with administratively--and it wouldn't be a dystopia without a unified Dakota and Portugalicia! Oceania has 139 states, 22 territories, and 3 urban districts, each with its own National Socialist Party, big, vacant, and hypocritical enough to absorb any potential threat from the left (like the Perónists or Democrats). The "Socialism" is of a Nationalist sort, inspired by Pelley and MacArthur. NV and UT were downgraded to a single territory in the 1940s for h-bombs, jets, and human experimentation--a land of sand, salt flats, perchlorate, camps, and strontium. One megalopolis is bounded by a St. Louis-Milwaukee-Saginaw-Rochester-Pittsburgh-Cincinnati quadrangle, and the other goes from Richmond to Boston: the workers never see the sun, the universities and the corporate think tanks are always under a Damoclean Sword, and the trains are fast--but always broken. Flying "drone" telescreens and "self-defense" units patrol outside the towns. Ireland, Faeroes, Iceland, Greenland, and Labrador are the GIUK Gap's Airstrips 2 through 6, and all Panama is likewise downgraded to the Canal Zone. All Ireland is under the Ascendancy once again [they were actually the ones who taught Apartheid to South Africa since the 20s/40s IRL]. Race per se has been declared to be no longer an issue (since everyone's an unindividual now), and eugenics only picks what's really the best and only happens to favor whites because it's science that says so! Past fights--between German and British fascists, old BUFers vs. new technarchs arriving from across the Atlantic, fundamentalists vs. managerialists, "radical centrists" vs. fascists, the Silver Shirts and the Minute Men vs. whoever's the Thought Police today--are blamed on "spies" or projected onto the enemy du jour to maintain domestic (in)stability. Oceania stays rich enough to just reprint new encyclopedias with each new Party Line [as with the IRL World Book Encyclopedia, which had some obvious pre-Red Scare articles still left over] instead of making the kids paste in new articles like they do in Eurasia [again IRL, with the Great Soviet Encyclopedia]: the old copies are snuck out of the libraries at night, and there's no Ruth Brown to stop 'em. [There's been some debate on how accurate Goldstein's Book is in-universe, but I think that Airstrip One can still be an especially-isolated, self-bombed, over-propagandized frontline backwater: this allows for both a "British North Korea" and for Goldstein's perpetual stalemate-with-reversals to be true.]

From Guerrero to Paraguay it's basically a rebellious backwater brutally exploited for resources and hell-maquiladoras. The hinterlands have returned to popular rebels and bandits and the Outback is full of refugee slaves. As in IRL 60s, the Latin American elements of Oceania have developed a more-than-fascistic National Security Doctrine, which particularly targets one's own citizens as a deviant threat subverting stability. All were considered potential foes in a war without quarter or border--bankers, social scientists, clergy, literacy workers. In a total war in the schools, homes, factories, and government offices, you worked your way inwards from noncombatants to leaders, leaving no survivors. In fact, all society was to be regimented: there'd be a garrison in every village. The Latins were the ones who introduced the military and spies to running cocaine. Their Army party's logo looked just like the English National Socialists' one anyway. Some of their occultist comemuertes under López Rega and many of their pistolero enforcers and narcos are starting to sound a little Eastasian in their fixation with death.

Eurasia is made of 40 SSRs (or Sovětská Socialistická Republika, or Repúblicas Socialistas Conciliares, or ...) and hopes to add six more: Maghrebi, Arab, Pashtun, Persian--then English and Celtic. I fiddled with the boundaries to make them fit the ethnicities (of course, these are which are whatever Elder Brother Kaganovich draws on his many maps). The death camps of the Polski Socjalistyczna Republika Radziecka are visited by every schoolchild (once the MVD was done using them on a lot of the Stalinists, and any traces of the 40s' tight German-Soviet cooperation were purged, and the purgers themselves purged) as examples of the horrors of fascism (either Oceanian or Eastasian, depending on the day). Their parents rarely see them and they live in boarding schools and "children's villages" [this was an IRL Soviet idea that went nowhere]: this produces scary hothoused prodigies. Genetics and computers were suddenly permitted in the early 60s after having been damned as pseudosciences: the sharashkas "grow" new information from what's available, simulating the whole planet. Eurasia's new Muslim holdings are constantly aflame with guerrillas (which are funded by Oceania while at the same time being used in Oceanian propaganda). Moscow proclaims world revolution against the Eastasian social fascists and the colonialist, regular-fascist Oceanians, academies instructing Third-World rebels and technocrats. Europe has been leveled and horsemen in Kevlar hold tourneys in ivy-choked bastions. It's whispered very quietly that the Oceanians had planned since 1951 to create a United States of Europe: from Sebastopol to Seville,  Arkhangelsk to Aachen the Stars and Bars and the Party's Handshake Flag would be hoisted against "that land so utterly given over to ignorance, superstition, fanaticism, and despotism" ruled by the Red Tsar, Khagan, and Pontiff Kaganovich. Even quieter whispers say this has happened, apparently with the deadline having been something called "the Bicentennial" (bicentennial of what, everyone's already forgotten) but were defeated at Stalingrad and Leningrad and collapsed amid squabbling and overextension.

Under the Maoist-Japanese hybrid Eastasian order, Japanese and Koreans are sent to colonize Manchuria, Han Chinese Xinjiang, and Javanese and Luzonese Sumatra, Borneo, the Moluccas (much like IRL, actually), Mindanao, and New Guinea. This fills the land and sea borders with farmer-soldiers of the local dominant ethnicity, protecting the constantly-besieged buffers. All the superpowers use sophisticated drug regimens for interrogation, conversion, and overall control, and the Oceanians run cocaine--but it's Eastasia that's created a wholesale opium empire from Manchuria to Burma. Karaga/Kongwo (空我, "self-Shunyata," or शून्यता पूजा to the neo-thuggees) is very slogan-happy; its Newspeak is a matter not of Simplified (Shinjitai) Hanzi characters but of constantly changing the meaning of existing words/characters, disrupting the signifier-signified relationship altogether. Japanese and Chinese seem to be converging via the kango--crushing Korean in the middle. Another change is that Ani (兄) on its own always refers to Hirohito; one's own elder sib is pronounced "ane N." It's got huge armies and "shattered-jade" (玉砕) attacks--but also real strategists and communications, and the firepower to not get itself cornered [like OTL in the Pacific]; by now it has enough submarines and spotter planes to fight the Oceanians. Like von Ungern-Sternberg or Zhang Xianzhong, it'll bring humanity to a higher form of existence (or mercifully send them straight to nirvana themselves). (Nuking people to save them--why, what living hell in the multiverse ever gave them that idea?!) Purges are conducted through either accusations of organ-running or dismembering the offender for said organ-running.

Constant production (which is in turn consumed by the logic of perpetual warfare and resource concentration in Inner-Party luxury) means environmental disaster, as can be seen in the Caspian, Aral, and Chad Seas: ICBM duels over the North Pole half the time don't help the planet either. There's a tension between breeding new workers and soldiers vs. the purely logistical issue of feeding a city under strategic bombing: any (surviving) captured Mayan or Quechua or Hmong is sterilized, but the "strategic hamlets" need many and desperate hands for their profitable plantations and mining villages; Britain on the other hand is hard to feed even when it's not blockaded. The last whale over 10 feet long died 1975 and the Caribbean and European beaches are one long Taiji. Ecologically the whole system has about two or three decades before it collapses to barbarian-invasion levels, since (even with a billion less bipedal "charismatic megafauna" around) it's unsustainable in terms of raw resources (let alone the increasingly-deformed human and ecological webs). Antarctica is divided according to the IRL research stations of the 50s and 60s: space below geosynchronous orbit, too, is a site of alternating war and friendship. Probably nobody cares about the Moon: this world is operating on an extension of 40s, not 60s or even 50s assumptions. OTOH, Eurasia would definitely see spaceflight as the first step to godhood. Monaco, Yalta, Hawaii, Ipanema, Telluride, and Acapulco are still pretty nice spots, though the proles have been made to forget even their names and are only allowed to go to the many, many war memorials. However, I like to think that Eastasia's elite don't have hot spas because they don't relax. They don't. Ever. Relax.

Oceania basically ignored Eastasia until the 60s, when the real fighting shifted from Africa to India: Eastasia took Malaya and the Philippines, while Vietnam erupted and Eurasia beat them out of Siberia. Isonade (磯撫で) submarine fortresses pummel Australia and take the battle to every ocean. Oceanians and Eurasians soon started fighting in West Africa, spreading to the Middle East and India. Ethiopia replaced the collapsed Arabs as the "Afrasian" middle power (thank you, kingbaldrick) that gets sponsorship from all three superstates (right now the Democratic Alliance of Oceania and Egypt face the vile " 'People's' Axis" of Moscow and the Derg). Areas outside the three blocs are manipulated into double-crossing eight-sided fights, producing massacres as bad as those of the Yanomamo, Aborigines, Afghans, Salvadorans, and Vietnamese elsewhere. Moscow's Third-World campaigns (not shown) are classified as liberatory, though their rebels are on a long leash, so bloodthirstiness depends on local conditions: the Vietnamese and Central Americans refuse to be bought off by Beijing or Mexico City, whereas the Philippines and Malaya are aflame with Oceanian and Eurasian double-crossing guerrillas. It's most hideous in India and Southern and Central Africa where sponsorship cross-cuts with ethnicity. The Oceanians are ethnically cleansing Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Peru, and upper Argentina. Within and between the blocs, hillsides are machine-gunned against anyone hiding in them, refugees killed surrendering while pleading that their children be saved even if the parents themselves die, pregnant women killed and their infants cut up and fed to dogs or pigs on bayonet-point, children hiding killed when they reveal themselves crying from hunger. Anyone left in a free-fire zone is of course a rebel: "There are no people living in those hamlets. ... Only terrorists." Even chickens are killed. Refugees are encouraged to bring the population into the military hamlets, and the rest are executed at random to scare the remnants from any future collaboration with rebels; sometimes everyone's just killed--no people, no problem. By now nobody can even tell if the Inner Parties are only pretending to fight to keep power, of they're honestly building up to rush the next strategic target.

Museum gassings do occasionally take place in Oceania when some Inner or Outer Party members get too "cultural," as the controllers call it. Scientifically they're great at inducing amnesia, a new science of outright implanting thoughts and memories: the subjects for these endeavors get lots of food and education on the lab farms, but are still "tomatoes" to the experimenters--something to be "bred" until the fruit eventually becomes the real thing. One's deepest Self will eventually be erased, rewritten, rebuilt, created ab ovo without weak-ass nonsense like recorded nightmares, rat cages, or sodium pentothal--imagine! an interrogator telling their charge that mere solipsistic power for its own sake, forever was what they were after! How droll compared to the rolling vistas and unreverberate voids of horror opened up to an Inner-Party member by even a year of remedial psychology, history, or philosophy courses! But making an enemy love you instead of dead, of course, means one more warm body for the penal battalions rushing the Hunza Valley. In less frightening sciences there's post-Minkowski number fields (where 2+2=5) and TTL's Julian Barbour created a "spaceless" physics. Oceania's opinion leaders have already begun blessing "our [Frederick] Taylor and our [Henry] Ford" for the tremendous industrial instrument [Steel Belt+BosWash] that makes Oceania actually technically stronger than Eurasia. Eastasia has sent a (strangely elegant) Ōkami (大神) robot against the Floating Fortresses off India--a "Megas Deos" to the Classicist Inner-Party Brits, the power of the Creator wielded by the hand of man. The more capitalistish fascists built an underwater geothermal-powered city west of Iceland--but it's been dark for decades already. Most disturbingly, a few of the most doublethink-logical brains of the three social-fascist superpowers have begun foaming at the mouth and running amok in the glass-walled Ministries, from Lima to Omsk, Dallas to Manila, screaming about a poetic Goddess whose whiteness burned them from the inside out. Only Wuhan's Yang Shengji (楊升濟) has had the inhuman will to recover from this madness.

meanwhile, in the universe next door... (they even have Orwell)
now with prequel!
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Likaaon Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2016
Wow. That's really good.
grisador Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015
Scary :o
MrAndrew97 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015
How interesting, ive always wondered what the borders in this book would look like.
OneHellofaBird Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015
the hyperpowers' zones of occupation are straight from RVB OMally; SpanishSpy's original timeline and the map both imply they're still divided into US states and Soviet SSRs rather than numbered arbitrary districts or whatever; I remixed some things in North America and spent the most time on Soviet Europe
EmperorsGuard Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2014
Well done! Do you know were I can get this map blank? 
OneHellofaBird Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014
they're all from…, I just used the real 40s maps for the provinces
link for the original 1984 map is right at the top of this page
Eluxivo Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014
i kinda imagine the girl from the 1984 apple trailer as an avatar of the White Goddess with no other mission than creating a martyr
OneHellofaBird Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014
hmm, Orwell's world doesn't really lend itself to a hypocritical hipster consumer-goods megacorp that literally uses cultish behavior to market itself; not even my own technocratic paradise would really fit: you'd need a full consumerist ideology, but also a rebellious, loosey-goosey atmosphere for Chiat\Day to exploit

the Resistance in Orwell does seem pretty nihilistic, so martyr-creation to cause chaos is a pretty good fit
epileptictrees Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014
So, 1984 is the prequel to The Big O?
ohoho yes--I even have "Alpha Centauri" and Harry Potter references hidden away: my thesis is that all dystopias are really the same one, deep down inside
OneHellofaBird Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
added the Nasserists and the Françaises Libres--they've found some ... interesting things in the Guyanas and the Bodélé
OneHellofaBird Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
they even had some Nasserist Saudi princes--and they're still around, and have a controlling stake in Fox News!
Leopold002 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
9.5 out of 10! Nice!
RvBOMally Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Excellent additions! Is that last part hinting towards a more cosmic evil taking interest in this already hellish world? 
OneHellofaBird Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
the White Goddess's from Robert Graves's Seven Days in New Crete/Watch the North Wind Rise, a fun 40s future history
OneHellofaBird Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013
The interesting thing is that the visions of Graves, Orwell, Stapledon, and Huxley all seemed to converge on one similar timeline--totalitarianism, then technocracy, then scientism, a collapse and then things get weird. Their works were groundbreaking and written within 19 years of one another: fundamentally they tell the same story and describe the same world, whether the 20th century or the 30th. The Megadeus is there because it's not a future without those more-than-machines.
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